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having trouble receiving/answering phone calls thru my whole System.
List of what i have:
1. J&S bluetooth module mounted under the left hand pocket of fairing.
Including a two helmet (Rider and Passenger) Wired headsets that plugs into the bike.
2. I have a Bluetooth mp3 player mounted in the back trunk. I use a thumb drive for my music that i listen to.
3. Garmin Zumo 590LM GPS bluetooth as well. Hooked up on a Ram Mount and using a usb cable for 12v power from the bike.
4. iPhone 8s.
After trouble shooting with Garmin Support-They were useless. I talked to the J&M support they wanted me to remove the Bike Bluetooth Device, send it to them for bench test. I felt like with 4 BT Devices on my bike there had to be a way to solve my not receiving and making phone calls thru my headset and to solve why everytime a call initiates, i had to turn off bike and reset before i could hear my music again. So i tried one more thing and here is what i did to solve everything——
1. I deleted all of the pairings on all devices.
2. I disconnected and reconnected the wiring to the Trunk MP3 player.
3. I paired the iphone to the J&M Bike BT. (Bluetooth)
4. I paired the J&M MP3 BT Player (located in trunk) to the Garmin 590LM.
Then i was able to use my iphone mounted in Ram Mount Cradle To make or accept calls thru headset. Then it automatically reverted back to music thru headset. Everything works like a. Charm now. I hope this helps someone out there?? Let me know if i can help any further.
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