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What started as wanting to add a USB to my trunk has turned into an adventure of trying to do all the trunk things I might wznt to do at the same time.

I then wanted to add the trunk interior LED. Then I saw the Pathfinder LED that cruiseman showed in his video and am thinking of adding that and the Honda luggage rack it needs as the same time.

Also the pathfinder has a harness that sends powerr for the light to the trunk. Anyone know if you can use that harness for the Honda interior trunk led light? I dont know if the Honda LED light has a mercury switch or if it will always be turned on if i use the pathfinder harness when the bike is on ( i want it to always turn on whenever the trunk is open so maybe i have to use the honda accessory harness????)

The wingstrike stuff looks nice but its not the style I like personally, i am not a fan of adding chrome accessories, the honda rack is chrome i guess but its a little different.

I feel like the safety factor of the Pathfinder is really nice, I always like having a 3rd brake light on the Goldwing for visibility.

Anyone have any experience with any of this?
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