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Don't use Photobucket but should be something like this:

Get the picture showing by itself if possible.
Right click on pic.
Left click on properties.
Triple click on URL.
Left click on copy.
Go to board and open post.
Right click and paste.
Highlight then left click on Img.
Preview then submit.

Hope I got it right.

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Piece if cake

Same one I use I like photobucket very much. The size will matter as far as the way it will look in your post.

1. Go to photobucket sign in and go to your album
2. Small rectangled box contains your URL. Start on the left side, Inside the rectangle. Highlight the URL by left clicking and holding down the mouse button and drag going to the right the entire length of the URL.
3. After the URL is Highlighted (Right Click) on the highlighted portion and select copy.
4. Return to this sight, type what you wish and then from on top click on Img. After the Img symbol appears put your curser next to it in line right click and select paste. Your URL from Photobucket should be there.
5. After this is done go to the bottom of your post page and select (Preview) That way you can see how everything is going to look. If you have done everything correct your photo should be there. Good luck !

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Eagle Eye said:
OK, I've got my photos in Photobucket. I've tryed to get them here, but no luck.

Can you post directions, " for dummies " like me?
I just posted this on another board. :tools1:

Click on the Img box and you will get some code that looks like this

And when you click on the box again you close the tags and the picture shows up. Make sure to preview the message first. You can go back and edit any of your post if you like.
Don't give up :banghead:

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Eagle Eye

Mike L has good instructions. Just follow them. I use Photo Bucket as well, and the site works really works good for posting pictures. If you want to add a picture as your Avatar, just go to your profile and at the bottom post the url that you just copied and hit submit. You will have to resize it first to meet LaMonts requirements. Hope this helps! :lol:

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