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I too needed some PIAA bulbs (for my 3" driving lights, installed by original owner around 2007)......came up completely dry, and didn't feel like spending 300 bucks to buy a new setup (fullkit) from PIAA. Also wanted to avoid having to remove old wiring harness and install a new one.

Found on E-Bay a Chinese Import line called "RoadBoy". They seem to have a wide range of products and unblushingly refer to themselves as PIAA knock-offs.

Less than 30 bucks a pair for full kit including wiring, fixtures, etc...Halogen., same approx size, same wattage.

Order two sets (want spares for future) Used all the same PIAA wiring, fixtures mounted real easily where the old ones were (under cowl above front wheel on my 2006 GL1800).

They are black, so not quite as nice looking as the Chrome PIAA, but...they work great and cost 10% of PIAA equivalent.

FWIW.....YMMV....etc. etc.
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