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picked her up today

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Picked up my new2008 abs white today.

The roads were clear mostly but by the time I left the dealer the melted sno had started to refreeze. I took my time and concntrated on the road and made the 40 mile trip home without incident.

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CONGRATS! Taking chances increases the blood flow. God bless
:congrats::congrats: on your new ride, glad you made it home ok also:popcorn:
Tony, congrats on the new Wing. We all want to see pic's.
new wing

:congrats: on your new goldwing.
:congrats: with the new ride !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We do require photos you know.
But do you realize the danger you put yourself in?

Slick roads......
White bike......
White snow.....

Man! You coulda' been layin' in a ditch full of snow and nobody would have
been able to see yuh until the spring thaw!:joke:
Tony, :congrats: good luck with the new Wing.
Congratulations on your new ride and getting it and you home safe!
Congratulations on the wonderful color. I'm surprised you had time to post. When I got my new one last July, I sat on it for the first 48 hours I think.
Congrats on the new ride. Great color choice!!!! Of course the others aren't too shabby either--but I really love the Pearl White.
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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