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I just got this unit. All I have to say is WOW!!! This thing is awesome. I've been a user of XM for 3 years now. I've had every Delphi Radio except for the new Roady XT. This is by far the best of them all. The reception is unbelieveable. I can be inside of my building, with no windows around and get 3 bars. I have the memory split up so I can record about 7 hours of XM content and have half a gig of MP3's. I have almost 70 gig of MP3's and I myself prefer having a small amount of MP3's with me instead of the whole collection. I found when I was able to listen to all of my MP3's that some stuff would get lost. But with the smaller capacities I just use the auto DJ in musicmatch and fill it up. This half gig lasts me for weeks before I get tired of the songs. And now with having the XM it will last me even longer. Nothing better than combining XM w/ the MP3's. I seriously recommend folks check it out. XM is the only one that provide LIVE portable satellite radio. There are three units for XM and this one is constantly rated the highest.

The one major drawback, besides only having one gig of storage is that you can't pause the live feed. That really should be a feature since it has been on the regular radio's for a year +. The latest radio I had was the SkyFi2 and I got used to this feature but I'll make do. I also don't like how you have to have the car kit for the FM modulator to be active. That doesn't make sense to me. You should be able to turn that on anytime you want.

The Pioneer Inno is awesome!!!!! ... 24917.html

Oh, and the cheapest price I found was at for $221.00
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