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Hey everyone,

I have a satellite radio/MP3 player, the Pioneer Inno which I want to install in my locked right hand glove box. I have figured out how to extend the audio cable from the left glove box area to the right hand ...and I have figured out how to route the antenna wire (I use the J&M audio dash mat with the special cut out for the sat antenna).

But, my problem is that the power cord uses a cig lighter plug and my 12volt plug is located in my LEFT hand glove box.

I do not want to cut a hole wide enough to push the cig adapter up thru the bottom of the left hand glove box.

So what do I do for power? In Fred H.'s DVD he modifes the cig adapter with a "Radio shack" connector and then wires it to a source. How is that done?

And where do I get power in the upper right hand area for the right hand glove box?????

I guess I could modify the cig adapter (with the radio shack connector) ONCE someone tells me how to do it....and run the wires back to my aux power panel.


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