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Here's how I preped my pocket to use the Zumo450 and a Nanopod.

- The power plug is from Honda OEM (but cheaper on "Directline" website)
-- This is only if you want a recharger
-- I also powered the Zumo, by tapping into that same line inside the
pocket hole

- The foam is from Sears - for tool box drawers

- The "Y" plug is from radio shack

Take your existing Aux audio plug, put on the "Y" cord, inside the pocket, then run another line back through the bottom of the pocket and up the handlebars for the GPS.

When you want to use the nanopod (or any device) you just hook up the other new aux audio line to that new device.

For best results, leave the GPS powered completely off. The nanopod has much better sound quality through the aux system, because it is slightly amplified. I had to turn the nanopod volume down two clicks.

1 - 2 of 2 Posts