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Poor Bike! Just couldn't keep the shiny side up!

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I hope you are OK, Bikes are easy to fix or replace.
Ice? Snow? Car Tire? Crush Washer? What Happened?
That 05 has seen better days
Looks like a guy how actually rides his bike hard was taken in by the Darksides claiming that they ride hard without ever actually riding with said Darkturtles...:congrats:
What role if any did the CT play in it?
Looks like it can be fixed...several thou I bet....glad your ok !
This was posted just to stir the pot.:nojoke:

I bet the OP has no accident info on this bike.
It's not even his wing!!

Check out his OP's sig and you'll understand my first sentence!:wrong:
Troll alert
Hmmmm, the rear tire looks to be holding air. I can not see evidence of the rear tire failing . . . .

Did this bike go down as a result of trying to avoid a car running a red light?

I think that car tire had motorcycle tire air in it,no wonder he crashed :lol: OLE YELLER MBG PA
I have seen that web site before. It's a online auction for bikes.

Doesn't look that bad. Little bit of grey tape, jb weld and a couple cans of spray paint.

That one is on ebay:
The accident was caused by a car running motorcycle tires
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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