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Was watching the Bolton/W. Ham match today. Right after a keeper's save I said to myself, "wait a minute". One of our sons played keeper and his gear is still upstairs. Besides his long keeper pants (Sondico brand) he also had his baseball sliding shorts. The shorts have hard foam (3/8" thick) between the knee and the the upper butt and a thinner, but hard foam that covers the outer thighs up to the butt foam.(?) The shorts stop just above the knee. They're a snug fit so they might work for those looking for a compression type shorts during longer rides.

The keeper pants have foam covering the lower back, about a five inch section that goes down the outer thighs to the knees where seperate foam wraps around the front portion of the knees.

I wore them during my ride today and they were comfotable and warm. Granted, they are not a mesh material, but until I find a silver colored mesh/armor only (no liners) pants they are better than nothing. For those who are fortunate to see their belt buckles they might be an option, especially the sliding shorts.
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