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My 'o2 was like that when delivered. I did like you and removed the seat to inspect and notifed that the lip that is supposed to go under the rear edge of the top shelter was bent upward so that it could not get under the shelter. That was easy enough to fix, but it still did not sit as well as it should and I noticed the seat getting a raised lump in it right under me boys. So off it came again. This time I notice the larger "tongue" that is meant to slide in under the brace that crosses between the two studs hold the rear of the top shelter. My brace was mashed down, probably from my big ole butt squashing that tongue down upon it. So I straightened the clamp and set the seat with both front fasteners where they should have been and that made it fit. Sure felt better without that lump, but my aftermarket seat is much better.


I have an 08 Wing and the seat does not seem to fit as snug as most. There is a gap at the front of the seat and the tank where you can see the screws and metal bracket. I actually took off the seat and tried to re-seat it to close the gap but to no avail. It would move forward to close the gap but then the bolts through the handholds were not lined up.

Any thoughts?

1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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