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Just came in from the garage after doing a Practice Run of laying my Wing over to remove the rear tire to install my CT when it arrives. All went well with the help of my 23 year old son.
My question is can any harm come to the wing such as engine, trans etc if left laying over too long from oil movement etc or should I let it set upright for awhile before starting?
It looks like this procedure will be the easiest.
Any suggestions ?
If you wish to change your rear wheel by laying your bike on the right side, I would have the new car tire mounted up on a spare wheel and ready to put on bike. I would loosen the wheel nuts up with the bike on the center stand and then lay bike down on its right side, remove lug nuts, remove wheel from bike, put car tired wheel on studs, snug up lug nuts, upright the bike and put on center stand and tighten up lug nuts. I would think that after about 15 minutes it would be okay to start the bike up. I have never done this because it's not that big of deal to me to remove the rear center fender and do it that way but if out on the road I might try it. I have heard of many Wingers that have laid the bike on it's side to do it and never had a problem with damaging the engine or anything else.
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