Still cleaning out my spare riding gear, two full Gerbings Union Ridge Jackets and Pants, each with heated socks, only one pair heated gloves. Both suits were custom ordered so they are not a standard rack size. Both jackets were ordered wired dual circuit (separate jacks for gloves, socks), the longer pair of pants are dual circuit but the shorter pants are single circuit but do have socks jacks. The larger and longer suit is mine and the shorter suit was my wife's. I was a daily bike rider for several years and my jacket does show wear and is dirty. I blew air and brushed these down but "my" jacket needs a deep cleaning. My jacket has seen a lot of use and there are some defects such as a tear on pocket, waist strap buckle is broken and zipper pull is missing. My pants and my wife's suit have seen a lot less use and are much cleaner. All tested out and are still heating fine. These were the best single investment I made during my riding career. They work really well keeping you warm and dry. Included are hookup cables with bmw style power plugs. Hopefully you can tell by the pictures to determine fitment. Selling as-is, I have tested them and they work but I will not guarantee them.

"My Suit" fits a 6' 3", 250lb man, 34" inseam, 42" waist, 18 1/2 Shirt, XXL t-shirt, size 10-12 socks
Includes jacket, pants, socks (size 10-12), hookup cable.

"Wife's Suit" fits 5' 6", 190lb woman, size 16, size 8 socks
Includes jacket, pants, gloves (size small), socks (size 8-10), hookup cable.

My Suit $100 Now $50 SOLD
Wife's Suit $150 Now $100

Want to sell each suit as a package, shipping on each suit is $20, buy together ship for $30, CONUS only
Payment by Paypal only
First set pictures is my wife's suit, followed by mine
Thanks for looking, I find I'm limited on the qty pictures, I have others on request, Dave