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Product review: Show Chrome Passenger Armrests

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Recently purchased and installed Show Chrome passenger armrests. A big shout out to Wingstuff yet again for great service.

The armrest are perfect, soft and the color almost matches the Russell Day Long seat. I may send them in to get recovered this winter. As you can see from the pic, there is another armrest installed. I can’t remember the name but it’s the pie shape looking ones. They are very nice but like many others, just too short. With the two combined, it makes for a solid continuous surface for the arm. To open the trunk, the two different armrest will touch a hair so we just move the armrests to the inside just a few inches and open the trunk. I am writing this because I searched to see if the two different armrests can be combined and found nothing anywhere.

The install was rather easy after figuring out which pieces were right and left. A simple sticker on the pieces would have been nice. The instructions are nothing short of terrible. The photocopy instructions were fine to read but the black and white pics were useless. I had to go online to see a clear image of the pics. There are two separate pages for the two required steps and they need to clarify which page to start on first so you are not taking things apart like I did.

Overall I’d rate this a 4.9 out of 5 stars based on the crappy instructions.

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I custom a butler cup holder on these. Had a 2018 with hondaline armrest but have these on a 2021 and wife really loves these. I have to agree with other poster the left one is always coming loose which is interesting since showchrome has made these for many years on previous models. Once installed...forget about them but not these.
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Yep solid as a rock. Butler mounts are a single hole which made it wobble when reaching for a drink so added another one. Think I had to do a few sanding to get the grove flush with the bar. Figured the higher it was when reaching meant less movement when grabbing anything. Most women I know and mine isn't any different wear full
face helmets which requires a straw.


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