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ddking said:
P does not compare to T. I've had both. The full blown T system is far better than P springs. If money is tight, you could go with just T springs which are better than P. Cost will be somewhat higher than P. At your weight, go with the whole T system if possible. Email them at [email protected] .

Also check the link in my signature for other ideas that may be helpful.

Good luck.
Like Dan, I have had the full Progressive and now have the full Traxxion Dynamics. The Progressive is an improvement (especially if you are just wanting something to "hold it up a little more" due to the weight. It does not perform nearly as well as the Traxxion. I agree with Dan, go with the Traxxion if you can. If nothing else, I suggest you go with the front springs now and add the rest as you can. Glad I'm not having Thanksgiving with you Kevin. At 6'5" there's no way I could win a fight over the best piece of turkey. :lol: :lol:
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