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No cons for me. Pros, smoother ride, longer lasting, more rubber on the road, less money, that is to name a few. Thats my 2cents, you will hear much more I am sure.:beer3:

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Like :lol:

Excellent grip
Higher load rating
Run Flat

Dont Like :-(

Heavy steering at low speed
Same RPM as 60 mt Tyre
Limited with Sizes
Touch less ground clearence than 60 mt tyre
Depending on brand does seem to last long
Not easy to park on odd angles or drive ways

Cheers :thumbup:

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donta like it da steering
and I don'ta like it the how da steering
I jos don'ta, I dont like the steering

...its the only thing I don'ta like it...

so, you make it a rounda tire fur me? you telle me when you maike the tire like it da carr tire rounder, please. so that I like it the steering.

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Mike, Several cons are: Buying, installing (and finding a shop to

install), and ballancing. For most of us this is not a one stop event.

Your wing will feel different. Some of us prefer the stock


But events override preference. Grip overrides preference.

A true RF rear tire overrides preference.

If a CT/RF cost more and lasted less than a MC tire I would not

consider going back.

Ride and quit are bonuses. And you get a number and a decal.

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I like the feel of the CT. More stable in all situations (Rain, Dirt etc).
I found this thread on another Darkside forum and thought it was interesting!



This report comes from a Tire engineer and was posted on the delphi touring forum:
Yellow Wolf - the guy who did 1000 miles in 24 hours on the Dragon riding a GL1800 - took a car tire-equipped GL1800 through the Dragon last spring. Was pretty negative at first, but by the time he had put some miles on it he was beginning to become convinced it was pretty good. Better than he expected it to be.

Right now there is another rider just switching to a car tire on the rear, who also seems to have some pretty impressive credentials: Not only does he say he's been riding 40,000 to 100,000 miles a year for 40 years, but also claims to be an ex factory road racer, and was a " tire tester for Michelin, Avon, Dunlop, Metzeler and some with Pirelli. I spent 5 years helping develop the 880". It will be interesting to see what he reports back to the forum after his upcoming vacation ride. This is what he reports so far, with just 150 miles on the C/T:


Smooth ride"
Tons of braking traction"
Tons of corner traction"
Tons of wet traction"


Slow steering feel
Slow speed steering is very sluggish. (2 or 3 mph)
Follows crowns, heaves and other uneveness in the roads or parking lots.

Odd things:

Feels real good in corners after your past it's not wanting to turn in.
Gravel in corners is a no brainer, just gas it right through the gravel.
High speed on gravel dirt roads ( above 15mph up to 60mph ) is a breeze, below 15mph it is real sluggish to deal with.
I use an infra red temp gun to check temps on my tires and wheel bearings every gas stop and always have done this, so I have years of tire temp info. to draw from. The tire runs cooler for the "most part" the most part is the important thing to me. What I mean by this is the center of the tread is about 7 degrees cooler then an M/C tire on the 1800..... But the left side (crown side) of the tire runs about 10 degrees hotter then the right side of the tire. This temp difference is because the tire wants to run flat on the road (follow the crown ) so there is more load on the left side of the tire because you're riding straight up on the the road, you're not leaning with the crown in the road.
The wife and I are leaving to ride the mountains around here for 10 days this Friday Sept 12th so I'm sure I'll have alot of info after we have a few thousand miles on the tire doing many, many different tests on it. I'll post back when we get home, until then I'm going to give the C/T the benefit of the doubt and keep an open mind about this."


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Here is my list of pro's

19)..Available in a Run Flat..
18 )..It looks way cooler than that skinny OEM MC tire.
17)..Better balanced (fewer weights required, if any at all)
16)..Costs less..But only a cheap naysayer would care about cost!
15)..Runs at lower tire temperature.
14)..Capable of performing with lower PSI than a cement radial..
13)..Capable of higher PSI on selected brands.
12)..Higher load capacity.,Helps if you overload your saddlebags and carry a hitch rack or tow a Trailer.
11)..Smoother ride..due to the lower psi you can run with great stability on the slab or in the twistys..
10)..Better traction when accelerating or braking. due a much wider stable footprint..
9)..Better performance on dirt/gravel..helps you stay on top,instead of sinking in the gravel..
8 )..Better traction in snow/slush..if you happen to be caught up in the higher elevations when on a ride..
7)..Better traction in wet..because of the wider sipes and wider foot print over the skinny MT that causes a pucker factor of 10!
6)..Better traction in dry..Will not skip out from under you like a MT will do when you least expect it!
5)..Quieter/Smoother..You won't hear any CT singing in the twistys!
4)..Doesn't delaminate.You don't hear of a CT delaminating like you do with the MT's,even when run with low psi..
3)..Doesn't delaminate..
2)..Higher Mileage..99% of Darksiders see higher mileage over the cupping/noisy/low mileage MT's..

And the Number
1)..Reason why I run a CT (these days) is it bothers a select few of the naysayers that post dribble here..:nojoke:

Con's of running a CT..

I don't have any

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