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steve s said:
Well this has been interesting. My intentions was to find and use a better filter than the Honda filter. I don't know why I thought Honda's was not sufficient......I'm sure it is.......but after seeing the documentation of the Pure One I felt like it may be better.......doa better I'm not sure. I still worry that the finer filtration may cause a starvation of oil to the engine. I now it has a bypass.......but would not want it open all the time due to starvation......then you have limited filtration!

Maybe I'm being a worry wart......maybe both filters are fine (Honda and Pure One), maybe it just it not something to be so concerned about??

I would like to feel confident that the more media in the Pure One will offer better filtration without restriction of oil to the engine, and therefore possible harm.....and i mean on the slightest level. I'm thinking now that if I keep the RPM's down I shouldn't have a problem.......hell that's no fun!!! 8) Maybe the Pure One that is not the "micro-filtration" type??
Snythetic means the fibers are more uniform and should be more consistent at picking up dirt,it has more filter area ,also especially if you use the longer filter.So the only way the honda would not plug up first is if it let in dirt first before bypassing.Dosen't the manual call for 8,000 mile oil changes(what honda designed the original filter for).So if you are changing at 4,000 tops ,I find it unlikely you would plug a filter with more media and less miles than what they are designed for.Just my 2 cents.
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