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question about show chrome fog lamps

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hey guys i installed show chrome fog lamps on my 08 yesterday and i have a couple questions. does the fork on the lamp go in front of the adjusting washer or behind? i did it both ways and it doesnt seem to make a diff. and do your lights center perfectly in the hole in the cowl ? mine are a little off on the centering and that might be normal but i am kind of anal that way. the instructions for the install would have been better used for toliet paper. i also put on opera lights and added an acc plug. that part was very easy. thanks for any and all advice james
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I would put the washer at the spring end so it (the spring) doesn't touch the fork. The washer would then keep the spring from getting into the fork as you adjust it.
Here you go! The instructions are crap. Check this instead:

These were reasonably easy to install. The instructions are wrong! You put the fork from the light onto the adjuster above the washer and below the screw head. The graphic installation lines are wrong. They don't give you correct orientation for the spacers. They don't give you the correct location of the large rubber grommets.

I agree with the previous comment there is an excellent video on this from

Note: He doesn't do it completely right. The black dust guards go back on the cylinder heads under the mounts for the fog lights. You have the black dust guard, then the spacers, then the foglight frame, and finally the screw with the washer. He is leaving the dust covers off in his video.
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Yes, they are a little off in the openings, but not enough to obsess over. I also attribute that partially to my adjustment technique.

Yes. I had to adjust mine. Pays to leave the lower cowl off until nightfall and then align them on your garage door.

I did crank mine inwards so they would shine at the highest level. There is still a huge difference between having them on and off at night.

The power switch is quirky also. I press the bottom edge of my powerswitch by the raised edge to turn the lights on, and the top edge of the switch button to turn them off. If I do that, I don't have any problems. If I just press in the middle, the switch won't catch sometimes.
thanks guys after using addnl spacers and removing the cowl 50 times they now sit much better in the opening. and they sure make the bike look awesome at night :thumbup:
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