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If you listen to wisdom and riding skills then ditto Trialsman (and Wolf reference) on the
709 front/Metz rear combo as being the best

If you listen to a hacker like me, then
709 front/Metz rear combo as being the best

Whoever mentioned 'old school' related to mixing tire brand: If I understand 'old school' in this case, you mean mixing bias and radials? Putting different radials brands does not have any significant negative effect.

Serendipitously, you might just put a different, but better front radial brand than the one you use on the back...and viceversa.
Which is the reason the 709 front and Metz rear combo is popular.

The 709 seems to be the best frontie, and the Metz the best tail sneaker...

Never use 250 Dunlop unless you like to sky on a Goldwing!
1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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