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Question -- Whitehorse to Tok --- 622 KM or 387 miles

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Google Maps gives 8 hrs & 17 minutes. Is this the highway with the most frost-heaves

and gravel? Or is there serious road construction? ----- Thank's
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The last I drove it, it was all paved with some heaves to add to the excitement.

That distance at that time is an average of 45mph. I'd say that's pretty good since your on a two-lane mountain road.

Use the StreetView function to get a good look at the road. The images shown are from July 2009 it seems. Alaska images seem to be around September 2011.
Try n google it with satelite view ??
Construction? Always!

Google Maps gives 8 hrs & 17 minutes.

Don't know if it's ever taken me that long. Maybe once, in a snowstorm late at night, when I had to leave my faceshield up and glasses in the tank bag or the snow would cover them and blind me.

Is this the highway with the most frost-heaves

and gravel? Or is there serious road construction? ----- Thank's
Yes. Yes. And yes.

Most of the stretch from Whitehorse to Haines Jct (after you're 30 miles or so west of Whitehorse) is pretty new pavement and your speed is restricted only by your conscience and your fear of the Mounties (no radar detectors allowed in the Yukon). It's also quite new and in good shape for the first 60 - 70 miles north of Haines Jct. When I came through last summer there was new construction which should be paved by now. The farther north you get, the worse the pavement, as that is the oldest in the Shakwak Project and has suffered from too many winters and a major earthquake in '02. Shortly after crossing White River it gets really bad and you'll want to slow way down. Even though it seems to take forever to get through the frost heaves, potholes, and gravel patches, if you take your time so you don't have any problems, you'll make up the time easily where the highway is in good shape.

If you're coming up in mid-June or later, Kluane Lake (starting about 40 miles north of Haines Jct.) is in a pretty setting, so plan on taking your time along there, maybe even stopping for photos.
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