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Hello All;

I'm thinking of selling my HD to get an 06 or 07 Wing w/Navi, Comfort & Audio, and I had a few questions about the features. Hopefully these havent been asked a million times before:

1) the early reviews of the 06 said that the heated seats didnt work too good, and shut themselves off. did thye fix this, or do they not work too good? had heated seats on 2 bwms i owned and loved them.

2) how des the nav dataase get updated? i.e., is there a way to download updates to the gps database, a la the garmin uodates?

3) is seems like the hood for the navi blocks the bottom of the speed & rpm gauges - is this true or just the angle of the photos i have seen?

thanks in advance all!

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I have a 06 Navi.
(1) The heated seat appears to be sensitive to temperature. If it is cold it works well, if is one of those times when riding in the rain and you are cold but the outside air is not cold the seat does not work.
(2) The nav database is supposed to be updated by a new card, rumor has it one is coming out but the 07 has the same version. There are threads that people have taken their cards and loaded the Garmin system over the Honda system, you can find the on the Electronics board.
(3) I am 6'3" and the guages all line up fine to me, nothing is blocked.
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