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I was just sent a letter by the AARP organization, I’m sure many of us a familiar with them.
They have suggested that I check into their Motorcycle Insurance Program and for “giggles sake” I did. WOW .............

Presently I’m insured by Progressive Insurance with what I consider adequate coverage:
Bodily Injury .. 250,000 per person/5000,000 per incident
Property damage .. 1000,000 each accident
Uninsured/Underinsured 20,000 each person/40,000 each accident
Comp .. 500 deductible
Collision .. 500 deductible
Custom parts/Add-ons 1,000 included with Comp & Collision
Roadside Assistance
I pay it once a year and it costs me $444.00 yearly.

AARP uses the FOREMOST Ins Co (supposedly rated "A" by AM-BEST) which I understand is a subsidiary of the Fireman’s.

Here’s the difference ..
They just quoted me the same coverage except 3,500 Coverage on Custom parts/ Add-ons (which includes my Bushtec trailer) and for the Roadside Assistance they call it whatever is “Reasonable & Necessary” with no limit on towing to either your home or the nearest Honda facility, which ever is closest and can perform the work needed.
For $247.00 yearly !

Have any of you ever had experience with this company ?
I wouldn’t think it bad if it’s recommended by AARP, but I don’t know.

I’m looking for advice and your thoughts.

Thanks in advance ..


ps .. the phone number was 1-800-752-2461 Dept A320 and they will ask for the dept/offer number

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I look for the coverage that I want & need and shop for the best price.

Who ever has the best price gets my business.

Progressive is extremely HIGH. BTDT

Currently have Geico but again looking for better rates.

AARP insurance sounds like a very good deal. Go for it and thanks for the heads up. I know each state is different as is the amount of insurance one needs or wants.

Thanks for posting
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