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Here are some comments on street driving by world champion Jackie Stewart. Some people might find his comments useful for street motorcycles as well. These quotes are from his 1992 book, "Principles of Performance Driving."

"Even though road driving is a long way apart from race driving and the one bears little relationship to the other, both require finesse and application of your personal sensitivity to the job at hand. When you are driving a competition car, you are using your intuition to get the maximum in terms of performance out of that car. While driving on the road you employ that effort to produce a docile ride for the benefit of your passenger, while treating other road users with consideration."

"Before you even so much as touch the brakes, you must consider the way in which you come off the power. Don't come off the throttle abruptly, but ease back on it gently."

"Turning into a corner you must start off by moving the wheel a very small amount, then increase the lock progressively as you go through the corner. Think of it as a clock face. The first five minutes of the turn our slow and gentle, and then the next 10 to 15 minutes progressively get faster. And it is the same coming back. Taking off the lock through the first 5 minuted is relatively gentle, then it speeds up slightly and slows down again in the last five minutes as you complete the very last section of the corner."

"Cars can be like wonderful friends, providing us with enormous pleasure as well as convenience, but the way in which we apply ourselves to their use can make the difference between their being friend or foe."

What do you think?

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