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Hi friend,

I've lived here for 6 years about 10 miles from Michigan City and never even heard of it. I've Goldwing'd through Michigan City a lot and never noticed it. Even the antique stores in Michigan City are so-so. The area is a little gheto in certain parts if you catch my drift.

I would suggest visiting the Studebaker Museum and Oliver Family Mansion in South Bend. The Studebakers were made in South Bend for years before their demise, but South Bend is roughly 40 miles further east of Michigan City. The Oliver Family mansion is a historic landmark made by a plow barron, but the mansion is right next door to the Studebaker museum, plus a regular northern Indy museum is all apart of it.

If cars are what you're after maybe check out the Indy Racing Museum in Speedway, IN at Indianapolis Motor Speedway.
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