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Rally in Arkansas-Sept. 8-10th

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The area is beautiful. Not my kind of rally though. Check out the Harrison gathering there in October of a bunch from this site...lots of riding, swapping stories/lies and your wife won't feel uncomfortable with any of the events.

If you go, please be safe.
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Fred, we're leaving with our riding buddies this afternoon for the same part of Arkansas. Best riding in the state. Not too many roads that you can go wrong on! If you get up to the Mt. Home area, try 341 south from Mt. Home. Better than Deal's Gap in our opinion.

If you see a yellow 1800 with bumblebees on it and an illusion red Trike both pulling matching Escapade trailers, flag us down. We'd love to meet you!

Weather is forecast to be perfect!

1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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