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Rally in Arkansas-Sept. 8-10th

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The area is beautiful. Not my kind of rally though. Check out the Harrison gathering there in October of a bunch from this site...lots of riding, swapping stories/lies and your wife won't feel uncomfortable with any of the events.

If you go, please be safe.
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Whiteboy, I'm not holier than thou and do like a good craft fair once in a while. I drive below thes peed limit if the scenery is great so we can enjoy it, and have pulled over so people can pass me who wish to go faster.

I simply do not chose to attend events that sponsor wet t-shirt contests and bikini bike washes. Doing so with my wife would, IMHO, be disrespectful to her. I also believe there will be quite a few bikes there that tend to be much louder than my GW, and riding beautiful roads where there will probably be many of them, would likey distract from our enjoyment. That's all.

Thanks for the heads up on Scooters.

Like I said, if you go, please be safe.
1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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