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Rally in Arkansas-Sept. 8-10th

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The area is beautiful. Not my kind of rally though. Check out the Harrison gathering there in October of a bunch from this site...lots of riding, swapping stories/lies and your wife won't feel uncomfortable with any of the events.

If you go, please be safe.
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Take my advice, White Boy. If you haven't ridden it yet, you HAVE to take State Highway 123!!! You talk about a drop-dead gorgeous road!!! Take 7 south from the hub, east on 374 then south on 123 which will take you back to 7. My map still shows 123 as all-weather gravel but it is paved. Last time we were there part of the road had slid downhill and had one lane barricaded.
Fred H., my SO and I will be in Hardy and Mammoth Spring tomorrow and then will be in Mountan View on Saturday to soak up a little Blue Grass. Look us up if you're around there. Would be a real pleasure to meet you. Be safe, guys.
Enjoy my home state, White Boy, as I love that area you're going to.
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