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I waved at him this afternoon on the way through Dover. The bike and trailer were setting close to the highway at a service station.

I don't recognize him..
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Hey Monk. Thought about you yesterday... on what could have been....... :(
Road over to Danville and was returning home about 3:30PM.. 314 runs over from to Hwy 7 from hwy 27. Nice road, no one on it much... I know you have been on that road..

Saw a deer standing in the road and she trotted off before I got to close. Got me looking.. Then at another location on the same road, traveling at legal speed when all of a sudden another doe, came out of nowhere and I saw it coming.. Had time to brake slightly before the doe darted RIGHT in front of the front tire. I do believe the front tire touch the dang tail of the 4 legged hairy beast.!!
Wow. That was close... touching distance close.
All I could do was watch, but I did offer up a "thank you Father" prayer afterward. If that deer had been 1/8th of a second slower, and/or if I had not braked for a second.. I would not be writing this post today. Did not tell the wife, as she worries to much now.

Should have warned the NYS rider about the local terrorists we have. He told me he was staying the night in Dover something to do with Adventure riders...
Stay safe my friend,
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