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IMO if you have any meaningful amount of mileage on your Wing and especially if you ride 2up, then you need to switch out your rear shock too and just replacing the rear spring won't cut it. The rear shock does wear out and it won't last forever.

In my case, I installed The Works shock and spring about 15 months ago since at that time it was the only option available unless you bought an OEM shock retail (which is just way too expensive and overpriced) or you were able to find one through a trike Mfg. or maybe eBay, and go with a something like a Progressive rear spring. Once I had the replacement spring and shock installed, the difference in the ride and how it handled dips or bumps in the road was amazing. There was also no more bottoming out when I was heavily loaded.

There are a few more options available to Wing owners now and I would make some comparisons on the specifications (and costs) of each to determine what works best for you (both springs and shocks). If cost is a major motivator, then at least check on eBay and see if you can purchase a relatively new rear shock that has been removed from a Wing that has been converted to a trike since they can be found relatively cheaply. The downside on an OEM shock is they can't be rebuilt and their lifespan if you do a lot of riding, really isn't all that long and you can expect that replacement shock that already has some mileage on it to not last all that long either.

In the end, you may find that what appears to seem pretty expensive in the long run and for it's benefits offers the most cost effective decision.
For that matter, whoever said buying a Goldwing was going to be the last of the money you were going to spend on it. In my case, it was less than half of what of what I would eventually spend, but it certainly has given me some of the most pleasure of anything I've spent money on.

Good luck,

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