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Rear wheel fell off

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There is no telling what the owner did or did not do until you hear it from his mouth.
+1. Owner, Dealer, Factory? We don't know until it is revealed. Well, except the tire, it doesn't look like a CT. Curious as to what that piece of metal is sticking up.

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Eventually they arrived at the solution for the dealers to hire their own welders, no certification required, lay the bike over, grind off the powder coating on the frame and the bad welds, weld up the frame, and then rattle can paint the repair. Flip the bike on its other side and repeat.
:oops: Holy cow! Just lean it over and weld it, maybe using Beer Bob from next door. I put the frame inspection video from Fred on my phone so I can refer to it when ever I'm dong something, watched it enough I don't really need to look at it anymore. Yesterday I had the seat, side covers and mufflers off my 02 for some other stuff I was doing. Grabbed the wet rag, wiped and cleaned the welds and inspected them again as best I could without the overflow being removed. The third time I have done that since I bought it in September. I saw a spot at the edge of one of the bottom welds yesterday that is hard to see due to center stand spring that made my heart sink. Sprayed some Windex on it and cleaned it really well, then used a cell phone to take some close up pics and what ever it was was gone thank God. I know I don't have to keep doing it but it's one of those things that make me feel better.
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You might be able to earn a few bucks there with your writing skill . . . 😀
Yeah but can he sing it?
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