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Rear wheel fell off

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The OP has not said a word he is friends with the owner after they have viewed these post they may know what happen, but don't want to say and I could be wrong.
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If the wheel assembly is installed and does not get put up on the hub correctly you can torque but it will come loss, because it tries to center itself onto the hub, the hub is the part on the bike or vehicle that center the wheel so it will run true.
It's nice that guys get to ride their personal hobby-horses and vent their built-up frustrations regardless of what anybody in a thread has actually said, but just for the record, no one in this thread has said Honda is perfect, doesn't make mistakes, or couldn't be responsible for the OP's loose nuts. This forum in general is a deep and wide repository of complaints about Honda's at-times-poor engineering, follow-through, and decision-making, so much so that people sometimes complain that all we do is complain.
Some would complain if they gave them the GW, the color is wrong or I want BS tires not those DL man is never happy he could win the lottery and then say I did not wont my pay like that, it is always something, I wish some one from Honda would post. this is the last GW and see what they would say then, they were not happy with it lets see how you feel with out it, and these problem are easy to solve by another brand we will see you when you come back, this is like a man complaining about his wife knowing he has it as good as he's going to get it.
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This bike belongs to a friend of mine and Honda would not do anything about it so he moved on to a HD, and the small tubes @ the saddlebags are broke half into as well.

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