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Rear wheel fell off

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Did anyone else see this post on FB: (20+) Facebook
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I thought you all would like an update on the bike the wheel fell off on. This is copied from FB:

Update…. The dealer said today that they originally obtained this bike through a trade with another dealer to obtain the desired color bike. Today the dealer that the bike came from admitted to my friend’s dealer that the bike’s rear end had been damaged with a forklift prior to the trade! I suppose they fixed this damage and then forgot to put all the lug nuts on. Anyhow, progress is being made, Honda is being transparent, and we continue to await final outcome.

Update…. Honda says they are getting him a new bike and replacing his damaged riding suit and helmet! The fat lady hasn’t sung yet… but these words came out of the dealership owner’s mouth! And they think it could happen as quickly an next week (that sounds unlikely… but you have to admire the energetic response!)

If I see more I will update it here.
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