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Rear wheel fell off

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Truly sorry to hear this happened and glad rider is ok! My new 22 DCT Tour has 250 miles on it and after reading this I went out in garage and put a 19" socket on 6" extension bar on a 3/8" wrench with bike on center stand and a block under tire and checked to make sure they were tight and all were. I didn't put a torque wrench on tonight but will when easier to navigate with bike in garage. I just wanted to make sure none were obviously loose. I noticed one time riding that it felt like my rear wheel was loose for just a second and I attributed it to a new tire having less than 75 miles when this happened so when I read this I thought I should check.

The bike that had the tire fall off only has 1200 miles on it so there would be no reason for the dealer to have done anything with the lug nuts and the bike rear wheel would have been put on at the factory in Japan. I did notice one of my lug nuts had a white/blue mark on it, but not all of the them.

I asked dealer twice too if they checked rear gear oil and they said they did but based on feedback from this forum - I am going to check it my self too as some people have found a little low from factory.

Glad the rider is ok and hope he gets it worked out with Insurance/Honda.
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I'm not going to argue with common sense, but in this case, do we know the owner didn't put remove/replace his own wheel and put on his own lug nuts?
I guess anything is possible, but if bike only has 1200 miles why would he?
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