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Rear wheel fell off

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you're right. They won't pay either,,,especially since Honda specifically points out that car tires are not to be used.
How was this ever resolved??
Exactly. A smart lawyer could make a liability case for operating a vehicle outside of safety specifications. I know all the arguments, I am personally neither pro nor con, darksiding is not something I am interested in, but folks can do what they want. I’m just saying there are very smart lawyers who will unrelentingly dig and find something to win a liability case.
Interesting comment. I have a Motortrike Prowler reverse trike which uses three car tires. I have nothing against them either, since they last around 20K miles and they are cheaper than MC tires.
I do think a trike is a totally different animal. Like I said, I’m not pro or con on a motorcycle, I just choose not to darkside, but on a trike, I would have suitable car tires.
1 - 3 of 150 Posts