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Rear wheel fell off

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This is CLEARLY a C/T causation!

Years of C/T's wearing the road berm down at an angle, caused the rider to not continue upright, after rear wheel exit.

IMHO, with out further info, factory miscue.

Pretty sure rear wheel comes attached from the factory and what reason would there be for it to removed at 1200 miles?

Glad the rider had the experience to ride it out.
It's been almost 50 years since I worked for a Honda Dealer setting up new bikes. At that time, we were paid piecemeal. We never touched items that were installed by the factory and all rear wheels came attached. It is probably still the way.

I don't remember, but most likely, we were required to check all fasteners, but we didn't.

With only 1200 miles, it's doubtful the owner removed the rear wheel.

The first required inspection is at 8K. I'll bet the dealer/factory installed oil and filter are still present, so no reason to inspect anything.

But, in the ash covering way all manufacturers use, Honda Owners Manual states on pg 141 that all major nuts and bolts should be checked monthly. Something for the riders lawyer/insurance company and Honda to work out.

Like the #5 post states, it seems 3 nuts exited and 2 studs snapped.
I don't know how Honda Motorsports does it's "Floorplans" with dealers, but I'd assume it's similar to the way car manufacturers do it. I believe the manufacturers own the vehicles until sold.

When I worked in a Honda motorcycle dealer, if a bike was damaged in transit or after delivery on site, any repair was authorized by the Honda Reginal Rep. That process may have changed.

I believe Honda and both dealers are getting out easy, if the rider excepts the new bike, riding gear offer.
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