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Do you keep maintenance and travel records with your bike?

  • Yes, maintenance and trip logs

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  • Yes, maintenance only

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  • No, I keep everything online or at home

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Motorcycle Log Books

I wanted to keep track of my maintenance and trips and travels; but, it was always a challenge to keep track of those dates, mileage, travel companions, travel milestones for awards qualification, and other important information about trips.

I looked online, high and low, but could find nothing to meet my record-keeping needs until I found these.

A Motorcycle Touring Log Book and a Motorcycle Touring Record Book. The former for your trip records and the later for your maintenance, insurance, accessory tracking, and other motorcycle related info. Each is in 5X8, 3-Ring Binder format, so they don't take a lot of room in your saddlebag.

I thought others may like to know about these as well.

If you'd like to get a copy of either or both, visit to get your copy. You can order them separately or in sets. Check out the website.
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