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Thought I would share this and see what you all thought. :cool:
lyin dog politicians ain't doin nothin fer us. change? we'll get change alright. watch out what you ask for!
music: ala woody guthrie, bob dylan, etal. kewl but not gonna help cause they don't care. i'm throughly discusted with washington and the sheeple who haven't a clue.

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Thanks for the post......

Barack Obama may have stumbled over his words briefly during his
inauguration, but he made an even bigger blunder later Tuesday evening.
The newly sworn-in President opted not to appear at what should have
been one of the most important Balls on his agenda that evening -

"The Salute to Heroes Inaugural Ball."

The Salute to Heroes Inaugural Ball was begun in 1953 for President Dwight

Eisenhower's inauguration. The event recognized recipients of the Medal of

Honor, the nation's highest military award. There were 48 Medal of Honor
recipients in attendance, who were undoubtedly disappointed by the new
Commander-in-Chief's failure to
show. Over the past 56 years and 14
inaugurations, NO President has skipped this event - until now.

The Salute to Heroes Inaugural Ball is sponsored by the American Legion,
and co-sponsored by 13 other veteran's service organizations, including
those such as the Paralyzed Veterans of America and the Military Order of
the Purple Heart.

Instead of attending this ball honoring our nation's heroes, Obama was
making stops at 10
other official balls. Obama and his wife's first stop
was at
the Neighborhood Ball. From there they went to the Home State Ball for
and Hawaii , the Commander-in-Chief Ball, the Youth Inaugural Ball, and
Home State Ball for Delaware and Pennsylvania . They finished off the
with brief appearances at the Mid-Atlantic, Western, Midwest , Eastern,
Southern regional Balls.

Celebrities were a plenty at the balls, with Stevie Wonder, Shakira, Mary.
J. Blige,
Faith Hill, Jay-Z, Alicia Keys, Adam Levine,, Sting, Mariah
Carey, and
Leonardo DiCaprio in attendance at the Neighborhood Ball. In addition, the
nine balls also featured a star-studded lineup including Kanye West and
Kid Rock
at the Youth Ball, Marc Anthony at the Western Ball, and Cheryl Crow at
the Western

It was the party without all of the celebrities that Obama
skipped. The very people who he sought to have support
him during his candidacy and campaign, who have fought
to protect this country, were snubbed in favor of publicity
and the opportunity to rub shoulders - yet again - with the
out-of-touch Hollywood elite!

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He likes the lime light! His lips are moving but not saying anything!

Those you wanted change WILL GET CHANGE! Unfortunately it isn't what they imagined. Tougher times are ahead.

Keep printing more money and sooner or later, it isn't going to be worth the paper it is printed on!

Bailout money is going everywhere except what we were told it would be going. Politicians continue to lie, when will the American people say enough is enough?

We have 4 years of HELL on earth....

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Summer's almost here ...we can now see the deer moving around in the backyard.
Yep, won't be long.


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If you go to their web site and look at some of their links you might be surprised. Some pretty left wing groups. If that is your thing more power to ya. Just thought some might want to know. It is a pretty song though.
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