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IN the process of installing my reg risers , (before i make the long ride down to Wingsock :D :D ) . I'm kind of concerned about how tight the throttle cables seem to be when the bars are turned to full lock to the right.
I have the cables released from the clip that is on the bottom of the bar. per the instructions ,(yes i read them throughly :? :? ) I was wondering if i need to take them out of the clip that is mounted on the top of the fork tube? There is a clip that is mounted under the clamp bolt at the top of the tube , it doesn't hold them tight , just keeps them in place.but i'm wondering if they need to be out of there anyway ? Seems like they would be able to move around quite a bit if not secured in there.
Anybody have any problems , or suggestions , in this area. ?
thanks ,
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