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For the benefit of our many new members (the old timers should already know this).

Vertical Scope (the owner) has a very generous policy regarding endorsement of outside vendors, but it's not without limitations.

Basically, if you find a product or vendor that you are enthusiastic about, you are permitted to freely share that information even if that vendor is not a sponsor here. Wow, that is a rare policy in this day and age and that is a policy I will strive to protect.

Other commercial sites do not permit that kind of free sharing of information and we would be sorely the worse for it if we lost that privilege.

Of course it creates a small obvious loophole so there are limitations in place. These limitations are not new but from time to time we all need reminders.

The basic limitation is that you may not endorse for the purpose of additionally profiting from your endorsements. It should be an endorsement from the heart, not the wallet.

You may not:
1) Get paid for your endorsement.
2) Endorse for the promise or expectation of receiving discounts for other products.
3) Endorse for family members.
4) Endorse for vendors that you work for, or hope to work for, or have ever worked for, or assisted at rallies or open house events.
5) catch-all ..other "may nots" as I see fit to add as the "clever guys" poke at limitations I may have neglected to articulate.

How about simply:
You may not profit or expect to profit in any way shape or form from your endorsement.
No shills.
No hawking.

The usual:
Members who ignore this policy will immediately lose membership and posting privileges.

C'mon guys, we've got a good thing going here, let's not screw it up.
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Not open for further replies.