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Funny name for it, since there are no good roads to turn it into three connecting legs. Anyway, I rode it today to see what the condition is and report here. I know many have mentioned interest in riding it, so....

Going from East (Lake City) to West (Petros), the road is in great condition until you top Braden Flats (the high point after the switchbacks - and where the first strip mine entrance is). The road has been beat up from there West, although repairs are evident and it is very rideable from there on to the split where 116 continues as gravel through Norma, and the blacktop goes across a railroad track and bridge. This is also another mine access point, and the road begins to suffer more (I suspect the mine on top of the hill has played out). Still, it is Ok for one-up all of the rest of the way to the Anderson County line. Once you hit Morgan County it gets very nice on through Petros. Running the return direction was much rougher (starting at the Anderson County line), with several patches fit only for the coal trucks. Please don't attempt West - East two-up!

Today there was also a lot of gravel, trash, limbs, and even tree falls in the road due to some major rainfall over the past couple days. Due to low traffic, it probably won't get cleaned off for a week or so.

The road is there for local access and commerce, which is coal for that area. I can't complain about the state of repair because I know the policy for most coal areas is to let the mine play out before returning it back to good condition. Efforts have been made lately to control water that had been washing over the road, and new culverts installed in several places.

A final caveat: I rode this on a Saturday and only saw four coal trucks (two were the monster mine haulers). During the week, there is probably a constant string of tractor-trailer coal haulers going from the four mines along the road and the coal tipple in the valley. Because of that, it would be wise to only ride it on weekends.
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