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Could someone tell me the process I need to follow in order to reset the 1800 computer?? It has been suggested that my mileage problem might improve doing this. Is there any reason I should not do this?

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ECM Reset Procedure

Having recently read a post on another forum concerning the procedure, and getting a dozen different view points, I contacted three Honda dealers and a specialty shop that deals with hi speed hop ups of Metric bikes. This is the general concensus.....
Start the bike, run it to warm up temp. Kill and restart the engine, this time let it idle for 2 or 3 minutes without touching the throttle. The ECM should be reset now.
There was a lot of talk early about unhooking the battery, and other actions which may have been necessary on the older ECM units. This was referenced to by two of the four shops I talked to. They LEARNED that now all you need to do is the above procedure and your good to go. This is what I was told.
Hope this helps.

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You can reset the ecm to defaults by pulling the fuse then turn on the ignition - this will discharge the capacitors and the system should go to factory defaults. Install the fuse and start it up - the system will run post and program itself as it monitors all the sensors.

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Thank you. Perhaps the ECM was reporgammed at the update?

I hope not as I'm looking for some improvement.

I appreciate the information!

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I have no written source for the ECM reset or reboot.
The ECM units in cars and motorcycles etc all operation in a simple and similar manor. When the unit is activated by turning on the ignition it preforms a POST Pre Operative Systems Test
Once the engine is started the ECM performs a limited number of calibrations and adjustment based on input from sensors monitoring such things as rpm, temp, ambient air temp, water temp etc.
The ECM continually checks the sensors, makes adjustments - timing, fuel ratios etc and stores the error codes.
As far as computers go the ECM is not much more sophisticated than your standard hand held calculator and much like any computer there is the possibility the thing will partially lock up - possible memory allocation error. Bad data in bad data out.
In the computer world - reboot. You can disconnect the battery and wait 15 minutes or speed things along by turning on the key - My old Saturn occasionally had fits with High idle - reboot always took care it. My GL went through a low speed surging fit this summer - reset the ECM - much better.

This my be unscientific and undocumented but the general theory works for me. I guess educated opinion would also work. :wink:
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