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Tuesday, Aug 4, saw 5 of us head east to St Johns for a second round of yummy offerings at Rest UR Rump. Rest Ur Rump

I'm really glad I looked over the menu via their website the night before, as from a prior experience, this little mom-n-pop eatery has some downright addictive food!

I would up having their Italian Beef au jus sandwich, but amended it by having cheese added then BAKED to perfection! Those in our group looked on with sadness as they were also planning on having what I did, but opted for something else which was also good.

The roads were fairly empty as we left Payson eastbound on Hwy 260, turning northeast onto Hwy 277 to Snowflake. We took a short break from the sun at Pioneer Park in Snowflake, then continued to Concho and St Johns for lunch.

The owner and wait staff at Rest UR Rump are first rate, joining us for much laughter during our dining experience.

Afterwards we rolled south to Eagar where our thirsty steel stallions accepted their drinks, then rolled west along Hwy 260 through the White Mountains, McNary, Pinetop-Lakeside and Show Low. Sorry to say the temps dropped from the 90's in Eagar to the mid 70's near the Big Lake turnoff all the way past the Greer turnoff.

We "HAD" to stop in Heber at DQ for some cold, sweet treats as the temps raised back into the 90's and the sun was lowering in the sky, making it feel warmer than it actually was.

Just thought we'd share our outing with ya...

Next time we're looking at a pic-a-nic lunch near Big Lake close to the Ranger station under those magnificent Aspen groves....

- David
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