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From: Rich L.
Sent: Tuesday, June 09, 2020 10:48 AM
To: Dan Anderson
Subject: Honda F6B 2014

Good morning Dan,

Wanted to take a minute and extend appreciation for the quality kit and service. I was able to complete assembly of the AK20 and TripleTree on my F6B last week and took her out for a ride on Sunday morning. The handling, feel and stability is a huge improvement. I attempted, like others I'm sure, to improve by using progressive cartridges as an improvement to stock/OEM. Unfortunately, within a short 20 minute ride after installation I returned home and parked the bike. The Progressive suspension was so poor that I didn't have the confidence that riding the motorcycle was even safe. The motorcycle sat so low that nearly 75% of the suspension compression was already lost to the point that when on the sidestand the motorcycle was nearly vertical. This also compromised ground clearance and I was concerned that the suspension would compress even further when entering corners... what little suspension was left.

So, having been less than impressed with the OEM suspension, and then completely disappointed with what was supposed to be the Progressive Suspension upgrade, not to mention unsafe and less than inspiring, I purchased the AK20 and TripleTree from Traxxion.

I appreciate your correspondence, conversation and patience answering my questions and concerns. Perhaps I wouldn't have been so thorough if I had not been so disappointed with the PS, but that combined with the cost of the parts I was purchasing, I felt diligence was necessary.

As for installation, this was a straightforward process and the provided installation instructions were well documented and easy to follow. Total time, including disassembly of the front end, removal/install of bearing races, shock disassembly, modification, and assembly, and reassembling the front end was about 8 hours total over a few evenings. Mind you, I wasn't in a rush, but rather methodical and purposeful.

My F6B now feels better than stock, is more responsive, soaks up harsh roads, yet still provides good feedback through the shock/steering assembly. I'm eagerly looking forward to making some trips to the mountains soon and have had my confidence restored.

Thanks again!


On Wed, Jun 10, 2020 at 1:26 PM <[email protected]> wrote:

Hi Rich!

Thanks for the awesome feedback on your suspension! We’d love to post your feedback on our website and on our various internet pages if that would be OK.

We would not use your last name or city… like --"Rich L., from North Carolina”.

Let me know if that would be OK.

Thanks again,

Good afternoon Max,

Please... by all means feel free to use my comments/feedback. Permission granted!

Not only does it speak to the quantity of research Traxxion has invested and the quality of the products and service you provide, but also hopeful that other riders will be saved both the expense and safety concerns by using lower quality/cheaper options. I originally asked myself what could possibly be the difference that would substantiate the additional cost? I humbly admit that I could not have been more wrong in that question. For perspective, I still have the PS cartridges but don't feel comfortable selling them since they were such a huge disappointment and introduced compromises in safety. I'll probably hold on to them for a year or two (old habit in case I can use them for something else) before I eventually get tired of working around them and then just throwing them away.

If you need anything further, please feel free to contact me as needed.


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