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Riders coming to western NY

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just a quick heads up, it looks like "red Light" Camera's are coming to Buffalo, Rochester and Syracuse :mad1:

Official's are saying it will be a $50 fine if you get caught and 'should' generate at least 3.5 MILLION dollars per year in revenue.

almost nothing was mentioned about safety :mad1:

The other thing they *forgot* to mention is how much they will tamper with the Yellow light timer :wrong:

So if your coming to Buffalo or Niagara falls, Rochester or Syracuse, keep your eyes open so you don't get whacked with fine
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That is Albany's way of getting more funds for New York Cities MTA.....
ya, geee, anything we in upstate NY can do to support one of the richest cities in the world, just let us know how much they need :duck::wrong:
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