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Take hwy 79 to Dover cross the Cumberland and turn left, hwy 49 to Carlisle, then left on hwy 149 back to Clarksville. Great winding rd. that follows the river. Or in west side of Dover turn right on hwy 49, this runs through the land between the lakes all the way to Grand Rivers, Ky. Grand Rivers is the home of Patty's Resturant. Best eating anywhere, you may need to get reservations or plan on waiting. People drive hundreds of miles to eat there, very popular. Also hwy 13 south is a real good road all the way to Alabama. Just look at a map and decide how far you want to go. Cumberland City, Tn. has a ferry that crosses the Cumberland river one of the last ferries operating in Tn.
1 - 1 of 21 Posts
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