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I don't ride my Wing as often as I used to. In fact I've not rode it since getting back from the BRP 6 weeks ago. However, since I have a beach-bongo and my chapter was gonna do a drum circle ride, I didn't want to miss it.

I'm sure I'm like everyone else when it comes to voices in my head ... "will my Wing start" ... "but I did a complete service prior to leaving for the BPR" ... "all I should need to do is air the tires, and start it up !!!"

Here is what I found:

- fast, healthy starter turn (I do not use a battery tender)

- I had a quick start-up

- my clutch lever pulled in with no galling feel or creaking

- my brake lever felt the same

- my throttle play was minimal, and it snapped back

- my side stand swung up with no resistance

Here is what I know. All of those are strong indicators of a well maintained Wing, and it made me smile. I use any or all of those when getting on any Wing as an indicator of how well it is maintained. Does it indicate how the brakes are, or if the air filter is new ... no ... but such stuff are indicators of what I'll probably find when doing a service. My indicators were all good, and it made me smile ... I ride a well maintained Wing. That means that I could leave today for a 10k. Yes ... I might need to do an oil change in route, and I might need or have tire problems, but if I wanted too, I can go ride the PCH and leave today.

I do have to add something else ... and it always makes me smile big !!! My 2007 Wing is driven by its 4th transmission. The first one came new from Honda. The second one was a repaired one bring it back to Honda's OEM specs. The 3rd one was the 2nd transmission taken back out to have its dogs undercut on the acceleration side of 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th. And the 4th transmission, the one I am using now, has 2014 gears (4th and 5th) that are under cut too as well as 2nd and 3rd, but also 1st on its downshift side. Although, my 2nd and 3rd transmissions both made me smile, nothing beats the on-going lasting smiles I get from this transmission. Never do I ride my Wing without its current shifts making me smile. For a GL1800, an undercut transmission with the 2014 gear upgrade is as good as it gets ... the shifts are smooth, quiet, confident, and most important ... reliable !!!
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