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Riding in ND in Febuary

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Well in the 50's today in Bismarck ND, good day to jump on the bike and take it across the river to Open Road Honda in Mandan to get the brake recall done. Should be done sometime next week. Again when removing it from storage there was another wet spot under the bike and smell of antifreeze when running. Will have to go after that Y hose when I change out the air filter this spring. I tried to tighten it last time I changed the filter, even remove the fuel tank. Still was very hard to get to.
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Here it is a year later and it will be in the 50's in ND again. Hooray! It's time to put some miles on the Wing!
Off to a great start in 2017! With snow rolling in tonight and a long term forecast for below normal temps and above normal precip in March, I'm pleased to have taken the opportunity to ride my first 1000 miles of 2017 in the ND, SD, MT region during the recent warm stretch. This has to be the earliest 1000 miles in my lifetime!
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