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I'm trying to understand the new (and old) MB ordinances/laws.

Is it ok to ride a quiet GL1800 in MB instead of an obnoxiously loud half a** cickle?

Is it ok to actually RIDE to MB instead of pulling your motorcycle in a trailer like a girly man and illegally parking that trailer?

Is it ok, while riding your motorcycle to MB, to call ahead for reservations, check into that motel and park your motorcycle at your motel?

Is it ok to go out for dinner to a nice MB restaurant and park your bike in that restaurant's parking lot?

Is it ok to ride your motorcycle in MB wearing a real motorcycle helmet instead of no helmet or one of those ridiculus toy helmets?

Is it ok to conduct yourself like a gentleman while visiting MB instead of a acting like a drunk Pirate of the Caribbean Ahole?

If most of this stuff is ok than I think I will enjoy my next visit to MB, especially if the good folks there are able to keep the loud motorcycles and their childish owners penned up in some far away compound and throw away the key. Then they can assault each other, puke on each other, steal from each other, flash each other and have a big ole time.
I think you have it covered! Enjoy your next visit:lol::lol:
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