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Received my copy of "Riding The American Dream" yesterday the behind the scenes story of the concept, construction and subsequent end of Excelsior-Henderson Motorcycle Company - Can't put it down. Should be required reading for anyone contemplating a business venture or just interested in corporate politics & tactics. I am impressed to say the least, it was an awesome and perilous undertaking. As we all know it ended close to becoming reality, it was not a failure - to fail is not to have tried. To fully understand the inner workings one must read the book. I'm not trying to be a promoter I just admire people of talent and enjoy the study of same.

Dan and I are getting together after he returns from Daytona - "bike week" - It will be a 27 year reunion and I have a list as does he.

Little known facts:

In 1900 Excelsior-Henderson was originally one of the "Big Three" Harley Davidson, Indian and Excelsior-Henderson.

In 1913 Excelsior-Henderson was first bike to break the 100 mph barrier
In 1914 Excelsior-Henderson was the first to be ridden around the world.
The originally company was closed during the depression and renamed - Schwinn - you guested it bicycles
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