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Right handlebar rubs on faring

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Right handlebar rubs on side of faring top cover

First, let me thank everyone here for all the great information compiled over the years. I read through a ton of info before I bought my new bike.

I have a brand new '08 that I just picked up Saturday. I noticed something while maneuvering the bike around in the garage and I thought I would ask about it here before I start digging into it or asking the dealer. At about 50% left lock the cable/wire bundle clipped to the right handlebar rubs up against the side if the top cover. It's not hard contact and it doesn't bind but I don't really think it's by design. The wire/cable bundle is held onto the bars solidly and in the minute I took to look they don't appear to be improperly installed. Is there any adjustment to the top cover or wire bundle I can accomplish? Is this normal or should I just add it to a list of things to have the dealer look at on the first service?


BTW, I"m loving the bike and so is the wife. :thumbup:
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I have the same problem. I noticed that during parking lot practice I could hear a squeaking noise from the steering head area. I found it's the cables on the right handlebar rubbing on the fairing. I will be very interested in anyone else's comments because I would hate to have to take it to the dealer for something so small.
I have the same problem with my 06' But I must say the cables / problem didn't occure untill I got it back from the shop. So that being said i think there must be some adjustment there. The next time i take it in I'll be having them look at it. As noted before it is not anything that hinders the performance.
I have that problem as well on my 07. I usually rub a little silicone paste (from my dive gear for my mask) on the cables where they rub the side of the meter cover and it goes away for 2 or 3 weeks. I've just got to many wires tucked under the handlebar so they bulge a bit.
They do not touch on my 03. My guess is they are routed wrong or there is too much slack above the bars. If you remove the top cover they can be pulled back some to remove the excess above the bars.

I took another look and it was simply the cables being too far to the right when you look down on the top of the handlebar. I tucked then back under and the rub went away.

No more problem ;)
Cables Rub

If you look there is a cable holder on the right barr. Cables come loose from it all the time. I have had it happen to me let it go now I have a mark on the dash on the inside. Also if you tighten the cables to much it will not allow the frount end to move as freely when you have the cables in holder.

Sonney Ps I have an 06
I found the same thing on my 04, I used a zip tie around the handle bar, solved!
The cables on my 06 were squeaking doing tight turns. I cut the two tie wraps holding the cables and routed them through clip under the bars. No more rubbing, squeaking.
never before on the other two

but my new bike rubs, the dealer pulled the wires tighter

but it still rubs a bit turning full tight, like in the garage turning around

but never out in the real world
I've noticed the same situation with the rubbing and squeaking when i make left turns. The cables on the right handlebar is rubbing. I was thinking about taking the tupperware apart and see if it could be "moved" just a little to the right but first I'll try putting an extra tie wrap on to tighten the cables. Hope that will help.
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